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Service Terms & Conditions

The following are standard Terms and Conditions for JMA Communications, LLC. When you contract with us, you’ll be given an opportunity to review and agree to the Terms and Conditions, or suggest amendments. These Terms and Conditions are based on copywriting industry standards.

Last Updated April 8, 2019

These service terms and conditions are part of the contract you enter when you engage Jody Arthur through JMA Communications, LLC. Please read them through carefully and get in touch if you have any questions –, 317-759-3820

These Terms and Conditions apply to all work provided by: JMA Communciations, LLC.


“You” is the client, its employees and agents.

“I”, “We”, “Us” and “Our” is JMA Communications, LLC, its employees and agents.

Quotes & Proposals



Changes in Scope

Timeframes & Communications

You are asked to nominate one primary contact for all revisions and contact throughout the project.

5.2.  We endeavour to deliver all work by the agreed deadline. However, circumstances beyond our control, including major illness or family emergencies may prevent us from getting work to you on time.

5.3.  We will inform you within two business days if there are any timeframe issues.

5.4.  If we are unable to begin or complete work because we have not received information from you, we will continue the project at our next opportunity. This may affect your overall timeline.

5.5.  You have a maximum of 14 days to respond with revisions from submission of a first, second or third draft of the copy.

5.6.  Additional charges, at an hourly rate of USD$100, will be charged for any additional revisions or proofreading supplied after the 14-day revision period.

5.7.  If you do not communicate with us for 14 days, the project will be deemed closed and any final amount owing will be billed.


6.1.  If we’ve signed a separate confidentiality agreement or Non-Disclosure agreement with you, then that agreement takes precedence.

6.2.  We won’t disclose any information that you indicate is confidential.

6.3.  You agree not to disclose any information about our pricing structure or project documents.

6.4.  JMA Communications, LLC reserves the right to use ‘the Client’ projects for her own promotional use unless a Non-Disclosure Agreement precluding this has been signed by JMA Communications, LLC.

6.5.  JMA Communications, LLC may approach ‘the Client’ for a testimonial after the project is completed to their satisfaction, although provision of the testimonial is not obligatory.

6.6.  We reserve the right to refer to this project and your business name, and to use your logo and content for promotional or educational purposes.



Claims & Liabilties


Entire Agreement

These Service Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersede any previous agreement between the parties. A waiver of a breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of other breaches of the same or other provisions. These project terms and conditions are part of the contract you enter into when you engage JMA Communications, LLC.  Please read them through carefully and get in touch if you have any questions.

They shall be governed by United States law, and the parties hereby agree to submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of Hendricks County, Indiana Courts.